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Unlike other companies,Construction Scheduling Software we actually let you try out our software. Try it out and see how you can organize your project team and save hundreds of hours of time on your next project

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Online Project Management

LagosPM created a simple to use and very practical solution to Construction Project Management, that thinks the way you do! LagosPM is Mobile Ready and works on any mobile device including laptops, iPads, ToughBooks, Droid devices, tablets and smartphones. LagosPM is the smart choice of construction business owners, institutions, municipalities, government agencies, contractors, architects, engineers and other building professionals world-wide.

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Why Choose

  • Mobile Ready

    LagosPM is a true productivity tool. The frustration of doing paperwork is eliminated since you can even dictate your reports with your own voice using most mobile devices.

  • Request for Information Module

    Requests for Information are easily created, first by selecting the contract and then simply typing the subject line and question.

  • GPS and BIM 360 Integration

    LagosPM now offers full integration with Maps and GPS coordinates.

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Trusted Experience

"Mr. Lagos is a computer whiz, pre-emptive to challenges, extremely organized, has thumb on every detail, communicates complex challenges and ideas with ease, and shines above all other project managers known to me in past 54 years." construction project management - Lt. Colonel US Corps of Engineers

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Company Vision

All construction project team members are critical to a project's success. Whether you are the VP of Construction, Director of Operations, Architect, Project Manager or a Field Superintendent, you get the information you need for your role, the way you need and want to see it...

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To order, call LagosPM 1-877-524-6776, or to request a live phone demonstration. Click here for the latest pricing or find out more information about our custom built solutions.

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