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LagosPM Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find most of the Frequently Asked Questions about LagosPM and its Complete Online Project Management System. If you have any additional questions Please Contact Us Here.

LagosPM is an easy to use web-based project management system that provides structure, discipline and organization to the whole design, development and construction process. It has been built specifically for the AEC industry and will optimize your project teams performance allowing seamless collaboration through the use of technology.

LagosPM acts as a central depository to hold all project documents and information for very easy access and retrieval. It also keeps team members informed on who still needs to do what by tracking RFIs, submittals, punchlists and meeting action items.

True web-based Project Collaboration has only come about in the last five years. Designed for Owners, but also for Engineers, Architects and Contractors, the system thinks the way they do, utilizing our latest system's technology to assist in the AEC process. The LagosPM system has been designed by professionals that have been in the industry with many decades of working experience. They have worked with the various project disciplines on projects small and large both nationally and internationally. The online system has been tested and used over the past 5 years while its sister desktop PM system has been used since the mid 1980s.

The cost of the online system depends on several factors; Primarily how many modules will be used, storage capacity, number of projects and the amount of customization a customer may require. Please contact our sales team for further information. The desktop and client/server system is $1500 each.

Our system is very easy and intuitive to use for the computer novice. The system is fast, powerful, customizable and is easily expandable for future technologies. Plus it is very affordable. Everything is just how you would think it should be and we have minimized the steps necessary to get the info you need. Test drive their system, (if they let you) and then test drive our system and the differences will become obvious.

The bigger the project, the more time and money you will save using LagosPM. Several independent studies have demonstrated significant savings using online collaboration tools. There are three main ways you will save money using our system:

It is so easy and intuitive to use that training and ramp-up time are greatly reduced. You can be up and running with your team in hours vs. weeks. There is a minimal learning curve.
The ability to have the information you require instantly at your fingertips without digging for hours to find a document or email that was created months back is a huge time saver. It is estimated that 27% of a project manager's time is spent looking for information.
Better coordination, communication and organization on all aspects of the project yields better response time, fewer change orders, faster decision cycles and a more efficient management team. This adds profit directly into your company for every project that uses LagosPM.

Not at all, our tools have been designed by people in the business, everything is easy to figure out and follow since it just makes sense. If your people know how to use email then they should not have any problems using the LagosPM collaboration site. And if they do have a question, we're a phone call or e-mail away to help your team. Take a test drive and you'll see what we mean!

Search for Anything. Find Everything Easily. Period.
RFIs and Submittals are always documented, logged and organized saving time and money while maintaining accountability.
Organized Meeting Minutes and Notes. No more of that who said what and when. Everyone on the team becomes accountable

Yes, often much more secure than your desktop or even your own server because the hosting site has many layers of security. We do regular updates and patches with a 24/7 staff as soon as they become available to the servers in order to guard against security issues. Our servers also have daily and weekly managed backups as well as load balancing and server fail over. You can also use the desktop version of LagosPM as another method of backing up. This keeps the data at your fingertips and away from expensive internal Enterprise systems. Please see our additional material here.

Not necessarily unless you need a custom solution and would like the system tied into your company website or server environment.

The more the merrier. There is literally no limit to the number of users and it will not slow down the system because of the way our system and servers were designed - with you in mind.

We will provide any formal training you need and offer support during our normal business hours. Often our customers are up-to-speed and moving comfortably within 24 hours.

We offer complete support. A LagosPM developer will be available to answer any technical questions or concerns. Customer service is always number one. We just ask that questions first go through your assigned administrator as the point person.

There is a better chance of loosing something in your files or your computer and finding it on the LagosPM collaboration system. Our system manages daily and weekly backup as well as load balancing and server fail over.

No, all you need is Internet access and a browser. With your ID and password you can log in from Paris, Dubai or Chicago and get all the information you need. There is nothing special that you need to download since the system is completely browser based.

No, we are very flexible. We don't tie you into a long-term contract since we believe that you will quickly see the benefits and will become a long-term satisfied customer on an ongoing basis. Nobody should be stuck with a long-term contract if they are not happy.

Effective collaboration using this new technology will not only save you money on the front end, but also help your entire project team execute and coordinate the project more profitably with fewer errors. You can defend against cost increases and delays with better documentation should something adverse happen. It gives everyone true accountability. Are you managing the team or is the team managing you? This technology is the future and the future is happening now. The industry is evolving quickly and is likely already happening with your competitors in some fashion.

No. Just give them an ID and password so that they can access the system and have your assigned admin adjust their access privileges for handling their specific parts of the project. They will catch collaboration fever in no time and you'll finally have a way to keep better tabs on their progress.

Yes. You can control what modules people have access-only privileges as well as who can do what. Like, only the design professionals should be able to approve submittals and maybe the Owner and the Bank can see the original budget information while everyone on the team can see the meeting minutes and the punchlist items that are still remaining to be resolved.

Yes, we expect some degree of customization for the different reports, logos and the type of contracting approach. Construction is not an assembly line process and most all projects are unique and many companies want to have their own identity. But we can also create new modules to conform with a specific company workflow or process as well as integrate other legacy programs or new technology that a customer wishes to add. We are committed to your project and your company's success.

The bigger and more complex the better. It really doesn't matter since we believe in the KISS approach of really keeping it all pretty simple and easy to use. The site will handle 1,000 collaboration users as well as a team of 10 people.

That just depends on you and what you normally do for a project. Just check out the different modules we offer. Most of them can be applied to any size project. Sometimes it is the smaller projects that need more attention to keep them on track and profitable.

Direct your questions to information@lagospm.com or call 1-877-lagosPM (524-6776) Sales for general questions or Support for technical questions. We would enjoy hearing from you.