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The Benefits of the LagosPM online collaboration system are almost limitless. Drawing from our customers, several key benefits stand out.
Visit our FAQ section to learn more about the exciting benefits of LagosPM for the AEC industry.

Save Time

LagosPM helps you eliminate the surprises that can keep your organization from managing construction and engineering projects profitably. It is the communication delays and sometimes lack of communication in a construction project that contribute the most to lost time and additonal costs for all the team members. By using LagosPM you can keep your project moving fast with all members of the project team.

Save Money

By saving time with LagosPM, you are saving money. The system allows you to track every detail with great efficiency. With fewer errors and things falling through the cracks, as well as faster responses to ongoing project challenges, you are in control of every aspect of the project and that means greater profitability on each project. This is an easy decision for your accounting and management teams.

Find Anything, Fast.

Don't remember what that inspection report said two months ago? Just search and find it. Need to see those photos of rebar from the foundation pour? Type in the keywords and push the button. No more scanning hundreds of e-mails or digging through old file folders. And better still, no more waiting on other people to find the things you need right now. Information is at your fingertips when you need it.

Organize Your Team

Each team member is assigned a secure password and account role. Owners can see what they need to while contractors only see what they need. Everything is scalable and flexible for your project's unique situation. Since everyone is linked to the same system, true collaboration is finally efficient and easy.

It's Really Affordable

The LagosPM system is competitively priced and much less than other software tools that do far less. We have created this tool so you and your projects succeed. Our company is built on your success! Please contact us or give us a call.

Track Everything

With all your team members accountable, architects, construction contractors and land developers can post all their notes, drawings, RFIs, submittals, meeting minutes and project notes. Nothing is lost because everything is backed up by our system and since LagosPM is web-based, every team member can log-in remotely from any web browser. If you can remember anything about it, you can find it with our super fast search engine.