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Our Features

LagosPM will eliminate many of the failures and surprises that can keep your organization from managing construction and engineering projects profitably. It is an integrated Project/Construction Management online system, with easy to use features that will help organize your project team, provide structure, accountability and discipline in managing your project. Easy to use! Flexible! Intuitive! Powerful!

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Mobile Ready

LagosPM works on any mobile device including laptops, iPads, ToughBooks, Droid devices, tablets and smartphones. Have access to all your information from anywhere, any time with any device. A true web-based, not web enabled program, that works with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge and etc. You can also take pictures of any document in the field with your camera enabled device and find it later among the thousands of other documents just based on searching for any content.

Use LagosPM to organize your team members and keep everyone accountable. Architects, construction contractors, owners and land developers can post all their notes, drawings, RFIs, punchlists, project photos, inspection reports,submittals, meeting minutes, budgets and correspondence. At the end of the day send a daily inspection report PDF to the boss with organized selected project photos directly from the field. No need to go back to the office and do your paperwork. Just go home. Everyone saves time and money with how easy, painless and fast the system helps you get your work done.

LagosPM is a true productivity tool. The frustration of doing paperwork is eliminated since you can even dictate your reports with your own voice using most mobile devices. Nothing is lost because everything is backed up by the cloud and since LagosPM is web-based, every team member can log-in remotely from any browser on any device. Save time and money with LagosPM by getting your team mobile.